Arthritis Sufferers Get Clinically Proven Natural Joint Pain Relief for Pennies a Day

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 29, 2013

Epidemiologic studies show that more than 20 million Americans suffer from arthritis. This number is even higher, as many individuals have X-ray findings consistent with arthritis or experience joint pain even though their arthritis has not yet been diagnosed by a doctor.

Many people who experience problems with their joints have tried supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin, but taking these supplements almost never leads to pain relief. Until recently, the only alternative has been to undergo invasive medical procedures or to take strong pharmaceutical pain killers that aren’t natural and have many side effects.

Joint Pain RESQ360 is a new joint supplement formula that holds amazing promise for arthritis sufferers,” explains Ted Ehr, co-founder of RESQ360. “It does this because

1) it is all natural and unlikely to cause side effects

2) there are clinical studies to back up its effectiveness in relieving joint pain

3) the reasonable pricing makes it accessible to everyone who could benefit from this

revolutionary formula

Mr. Ehr went on to say, “Normally Joint Pain RESQ360 sells for about $ 1 per day which is much cheaper than other arthritis supplements on the market, but now due to a limited offer coupon, arthritis sufferers can order RESQ360 joint pain supplement for just pennies a day.”

Diane H. of California, a RESQ360 customer, describes her experience with this new joint pain formula. “Five weeks ago I began taking 2 capsules of RESQ360 daily. During the first week I noticed a reduction in my pain and wondered if it was just because I was using my hands less. Then over the next month I had much less pain at night and a very noticeable decrease in daytime inflammation. The knuckles on my thumbs used to swell up and become red, hot and tender. Sometimes now I can actually see the spurs under my skin, but I have no inflammation and no pain. Since I have been taking RESQ360, there has been much less inflammation and less discomfort.”

To learn more about this unique joint pain formula and to access the special savings coupon, visit and click the button to purchase on Look for the heading “Special Offers and Product Promotions.” Joint pain sufferers should act quickly, because the coupon is only available for a limited time!


ResQ360 is a nutraceutical company that uses a comprehensive and collaborative approach to herbal medicine, integrating the collective knowledge of Eastern and Western medical traditions to provide the consumer with formulas that target each ailment from multiple angles, creating a 360 degree approach to wellness.

Proprietary method of product development: ResQ360 uses a proprietary method of product development. Formulas are created that draw from the best of all herbal medicine traditions from around the world. From these, our formulators select only the ingredients that have been most validated by scientific methods for efficacy and safety. Finally, an affordable pricing model is created that makes our formulas easily accessible to the general public.

Company values: Using our proprietary method of product development and formulation, RESQ360 promises to only develop products that truly provide results and are not harmful to consumers. This promise is contrary to other companies in our space that often capitalize on fads that may be ineffective or harmful to consumers. We also pledge to keep the consumer updated on the most current scientific knowledge regarding the efficacy and safety of herbal medicines, in particular with respect to our own formulas. We will also provide guidance regarding possible interactions between our formulas and other medications or supplements the consumer may be concurrently taking.

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