Colopril Sales Soar on the Heels of Health Report

Manalapan, NJ (PRWEB) January 1, 2010

The sales of Pharmaxa Labs’ best-selling all-natural colon cleanse, Colopril, are up. Way up. Spurred by the widespread web popularity of a food intolerance health report that offers expert advice on both recognizing and establishing the symptoms and conditions of food intolerances, and one that also advises sufferers of the most effective methods of treatment, amongst which bowel washouts (colon cleanses) are ranked as fifth in suggested methods of treatment.

The popular online website,, published an article for December, 2009 that was contributed from the popular printed medium, Food Matters Magazine, entitled: “Report: The Management of Multiple Food Intolerances.”

The article advises consumers on what symptoms to look for when identifying food intolerances, and how to successfully eliminate them by making changes in their diets. In the solutions section of the report, the article advises consumers on many different solutions that can ease their woes, of which the article also advises using bowel washouts, or colon cleanses.

The article cites,

“Bowel washouts:

It is possible temporarily to reduce the number of bacteria in the bowel by washouts. From time immemorial people have visited clinics for colonic lavage, which they found helpful. However, colonic lavage, even as practiced by experienced hospital nurses, is much less effective in emptying the bowel than is a vigorous purge such as Picolax or Citramag. That said emptying the bowel this way is more energy depleting and time consuming than colonic irrigation. Approximately 12 hours are required for bowel cleansing drugs to take effect and empty the bowel.”

(Source: Internet, 2009;

Colopril spokesperson, Tammy Willis, ascertains that the amounts of consumers that have barraged their product website – – after this report emerged early in December have been rather astounding. Yet at the same time, not surprising for the makers of this colon cleanse, Pharmaxa Labs.

“Colopril sales are definitely up this month, and we owe a bit of thanks to this report,” Willis says. “When experts inform consumers that something as simple as colon cleanses (bowel washouts) can alleviate the symptoms of food intolerances–you can bet that many jump to take action. Since we are amongst the most respected of brands in the nutraceutical industry, it is no shocker that many consumers are turning to our colon cleanse (Colopril) to treat ailments that are associated with food intolerances.”

Colopril colon cleanse is an all-natural detoxification supplement. It is taken by capsule form orally, once per day.

Colopril works to thoroughly cleanse the body of all toxins by gently flushing them out through the colon.

Most people will experience noticeable results – such as increased energy, restored spirit, natural weight-loss and relief from the symptoms of food intolerances – within the first few weeks of usage, when used as directed.

For more information please visit them online at:

About Colopril:

Breakthrough total body detoxification supplement created by Pharmaxa Labs–a leading nutraceutical company
Pharmaceutical-grade product that works quickly to cleanse toxins and that is gentle on the colon
The inexpensive, yet equally as effective, alternative to colon hydrotherapy, or costly visits to the gastroenterologist or day spa that effectively relieves the symptoms of food intolerances
Contains a proprietary blend of all-natural, plant-based ingredients like Cascara Seed, a natural laxative; and Psyllium seed, which aids in the function of waste-elimination in the intestines to allow for a gentle, entirely safe and all-natural colon cleansing
Thoroughly cleanses and detoxifies the colon, kidneys, lungs and heart
Maximizes the absorption of vitamins and minerals
Works to minimize chronic migraines and headaches
Minimizes the occurrences of irritability and fatigue
Eradicates harmful intestinal parasites
Relieves constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Greatly reduces the risk of contracting colon cancer and other cancers by flushing out harmful toxins from the colon
Cleanses bodily toxins, contributing to clearer and smoother skin in a matter of a few weeks
Helps to eliminate unwanted weight and minimizes abnormal weight gain
Boosts the effectiveness of the immune system and the digestive tract
Heightens energy levels naturally
Has no known or adverse side effects
100% safe, effective and all-natural
Available online at their secured website for a generous discount off retail pricing at:


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