Cowon AD1 Car BlackBox Camera 32GB + Rear Cam /1280 x 720p Full HD/ 2 channel Digital Video Recorder / Always Power / Two mega pixel CMOS Image Sensor

Cowon AD1 Car BlackBox Camera 32GB + Rear Cam /1280 x 720p Full HD/ 2 channel Digital Video Recorder / Always Power / Two mega pixel CMOS Image Sensor

Cowon AD1 Car BlackBox Camera 32GB + Rear Cam /1280 x 720p Full HD/ 2 channel Digital Video Recorder / Always Power / Two mega pixel CMOS Image Sensor

  • 2CH HD Black Box from the Dependable Name in Digital Devices Auto Capsule AD1. 1280×720 High Definition Real-time Video Recording / 2 mega pixel CMOS Image Sensor Camera / Up to 150 Degree viewing Angle / 16:9 Wide View / 2CH recording for both front and rear view / Various Recording Modes(Real-time/Event/Manual/Parking) / Refined Capsule Design / Durable CPU Underfill Protects against Physical or Chemical Shock / Protection against High Temperature / Sound Recording with Built-in High Quality Microphone / High Sensitivity 3-axis Accelerated Sensor / Smart Emergency Back-up Battery / Automatic Parking Switch / Voice Guide / LED Status Indicator / Video In/Out / Video Input and Output Cables / Up to 32GB Memory Card Supported / PC manager.
  • Captures every detail, front and rear, through two-channel recording. 2CH Black Box, Auto Capsule AD1- COWON AD1 records in 720p HD ultra-high resolution with a maximum viewing degree of 150 and 30 frames for sharp and wide-angled video recording. The option of a rear camera enables both front and rear recording,, and captures every detail that happens at the rear of a car. / The Premium brand you should not miss – The key a car black box is the video image, COWON has maintained a dominant position in global PMP(portable multimedia player) market and has also ranked, and has also ranked first in global customer satisfaction. COWON has been the industry leader in digital imaging technology, and is renowned for its reliability and excellence, proven by many award-winning achievements. We also promptly provides continuous firmware upgrades and other related services. COWON is the brand you can trust. / Black Box now sports sophistication. Sophisticated Capsule Design – COWON AD1’s streamlined design not only enables stable view capturing, but visually harmonizes with interior of a car. Simple black case with silver hairline steel and it’s orange accent lends stylish sophistication. Distinctive from other bulky car black boxes that are on the market, COWON AD1 looks good in any interior. / Highest viewing degree in its class with no blind spots. Supports Viewing Degree up to 150′ and 16:9 Wide View – COWON AD1’s viewing degree, the widest in it’s class, captures every detail in case of an accident or emergency that may occur at the side of a car. The 16:9 wide view features distortion-free image recording. Enjoy COWON AD1’s distinguished wide angle and view recording. * in 2CH recording, the front and rear viewing degree is fixed at 120′
  • What is CMOS image sensor?? It refers to the solid state image sensor using CMOS(complementary metal-oxide semiconductor). It consumes about one-tenth of the power used by CCD(charge-Coupled Device). Additionally. It has an amplifier in every cell unit to reduce the electric noise as it reads the electrical signals. which are optically converted. / Real-time Recording – Records continuously from the start of the engine. When it runs out of memory. the device automatically overwrites the previous recordings in chronicle order. None of the recordings in between are lost. / Parking Recording – COWON AD1 secures a car when it is parked. often the most anxious part of vehicle operation. by motion detection recording. An automatic 30-second recording is made, 15 seconds before motion detection and 15 seconds after motion detection. When motion continues, recording continues until it reaches one minute. thus ensuring safety ( 15 seconds before the event + event + 15 seconds after the event = Total 30 seconds of recording. * Parking recording is supported only when an uninterruptible power cable is connected.) / Event (shock) Recording – When the car get a shock, the high sensitivity 3-axis G sensor activates and starts an event(shock) recording. In the event of a shock. COWON AD1 automatically captures a 30-second recording, 15 seconds before the event, the event, and 15 seconds after the event. Shock events include those that occur at the start of the engine. during parking. as well as those at an emergency stop. sudden burst of speed. and sudden tuming of a car. 15 seconds before the event+event + 15 seconds after the event = Total 30 seconds of recording. / Manual Recording – Supports manual recording for a separated recording under certain circumstances. Manual recording captures a 30-second recording , 15 seconds before starting and 15 seconds after starting the manual recording.
  • High durability against shock. CPU Underfill technology Applied – CPU underfill technology, which provides high durability against physical or chemical shock. is applied to COWON AD1. Using insulated resin,the chip has been completely covered to prevent electronic migration caused by dust or humidity. The result is increased completeness and durability of the product. / LED light indicates operation status. LED Status Indicator – The LED status indicator shows the device’s operation status, including recording mode, product booting, and insertion of a memory card, without any need of a button or a display. The clear blue and red LED indication light adds to the sense of luxury of a car at night. / Recording solid evidence – Supports Sound Recording – A built -in microphone records sound when a car gets shock. sound recording and video recording ensure that you can obtain solid evidence. If necessary, users can switch off the sound recording by just pressing a button. / Convenient audio guide -Voice Guide. COWON AD1 supports voice guide and alert tones. – Alert tones inform users of product booting, manual and event recording. Be notified of continuous recording, parking recording, occurrence of an event while parking, and insertion of a memory card though the voice guide. product operation and recording can be check with ease! / Simple playback and video setting -COWON PC Manager – Recordings can be played on the PC through COWON PC Manager. You can set various configurations with your preference such as time. image quality, viewing degree, recording space proportion, or sensor sensitivity by using the program. You can view the files organized by recording modes, and also search data files sorted by dater of time. /
  • High Performance Sensor with high with high shock sensitivity – Built-in High Sensitivity 3-axis Sensor – 3-axis accelerated shock sensor automatically detects the vehicle’s acceleration, emergency stop, and other shocks. When a shock is detected. the recording mode converts to event recording, and you can adjust the sensitivity of the 3-axis G sensor through the PC Manager program. 3-axis G sensor – It uses a sensor comprised of 3 axis of X, Y and Z on the coordinate space. the 3 axis G sensor detects abrupt changes during acceleration and recognizes impact when there is a collision. / Smart Emergency back up Battery – COWON AD1 support a smart emergency back up battery that automatically secures electricity, and continuously records and saves videos in the event of an accident. The last recording is saved, even when AD1 is disconnected from power or in case of a power malfunction. / Support memory card formatting . – If necessary(security needs or error on a memory card), formatting memory from outside is possible. You can format a memory card by simultaneously plugging the power cable and pressing the multi-function button for a few seconds. / Protection against High Temperature – COWON AD1 and memory card are protected against high temperature in the summer season. / Video in, out port, Video in, out Cable included – Recorded videos can be viewed in real-time by attaching COWON AD1 to a built-in navigation or other portable media devices. COWON AD1 has a Video in/Out socket and comes with a video in/out cable, which allows confirmation of the recording angle when installing the product.

Spec – Please see the 8 product page.

List Price: $ 283.30


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