Finger Joint Pain

Finger joint pain can cause a lot of trouble and pain. It can affect your daily activities and be very hard to deal with. There are quite a few things that can be the causes of the joint pain.

Trigger Finger: This can cause the finger to have a snapping movement. It is normally caused by swelling of the tendons in the finger.

Felon: This is a horribly painful infection in the tip of the finger. If you see pus around the tip of the finger you will surgery to have it drained.

Paronychia: This is an infection of the fingernail. It is usually caused by poor health of the fingernails. This can be cleared up using over the count antibiotics.

Glomus Tumor: This happens when proliferation occurs on the nervous tissue below the fingernail. It is mostly common in females and is very painful.

Finger Fractures: These occur when you fall or hurt your finger. Most of the time they are confused as finger sprains.

Mallet Finger: This is a post-traumatic deformity that happens on the finger tip. Most of the time loss of your finger is seen.

Kirner Deformity: This is an uncommon and not to pretty deformity of the little finger.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: This is the number one cause of finger pain. It can cause swelling and be rather painful at times. This happens when the tendons in the carpal tunnel swell. Carpal tunnel is mainly caused by repetitive actions.

Of all these common causes of finger pain carpal tunnel is by far the leader. It is treatable without needing to go to the doctors. There are many exercises you can do to relieve the pain. Most over the counter medicines will also help relieve the pain. Using cold water dunks is a very popular method for relieving pain. You can also flex your fingers back and forth to help loosen the muscles and tendons. You can also take a 15 second break while you are doing a repetitive task. This will help relax you finger joint and keep it from being strained. Carpal tunnel is reversible, and you should try to find a good exercise plan. Mild cases can be reversed in as little as two weeks, while more advanced cases could take over six weeks. If you think you have carpal tunnel you should find an exercise program before it gets to advanced. You could be pain free in as little as two weeks.

For exercises and more information on finger joint pain please visit: Wrist Pain Diagnosis This site has everything you need to help with your finger joint pain.

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