I can make Varieties of Coffee from Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsule

Do you know that there are different varieties of coffee available out there? Have you ever thought why it is so that the coffee bought from one country is different from that bought from another continent? This is mainly due to the fact that the Coffee beans taken from different places differ in flavour. The flavour and other distinctive characteristics of coffee from different parts of the world have resulted in different varieties of coffee. You have the freedom of selecting any flavour of coffee that pleases your taste buds. Lets tell you useful information about the various flavours and varieties of coffee, so that you can buy the one the suits you.

Different flavours of Coffee:

Basically, there are two varieties of coffee: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is originated from the original Ethiopian coffee trees and is known as the king of coffee, as it accounts for nearly 70% of the world’s coffee production. The coffee made from Arabica coffee beans is mild and aromatic. While, Robusta coffee beans represents around 30 percent of the global coffee production market. The coffee beans of Robusta trees are smaller in size and rounder in shape as compared to the coffee beans of the Arabica coffee tree.

What are the Types of coffee roast?

The flavour of the coffee also differs with the roasting of the coffee beans. The coffee beans range from pale green to dark yellow colour when raw. They later roasted, blended and grinded before they reach the markets. Below are the types of coffee roasts:

• American roast: In this type of coffee roasting the coffee beans are medium-roasted for moderate brewing. It gives a medium colour and flavour is mild.

• French roast and dark French roast: Coffee beans are heavily roasted to give out a deep chocolate brown colour and a strong flavour.

• Italian roast: This type of coffee roast produces glossy and brown-black coffee which is strong in flavour and is mainly used for making espresso in a coffee making machine.

• In the European roast the two-thirds of the coffee beans are heavy-roasted while the remaining one-third are regular-roasted.

• Viennese roast: This type of coffee roasting is the combination of one-third heavy-roasted coffee beans with two-thirds regular-roasted coffee beans.

• Instant coffee: This type of coffee is in powder form and is made of heat-dried freshly brewed coffee beans.

• Decaffeinated coffee is removed from the beans before roasting by using a chemical solvent or the Swiss water process which steams the beans and then scrapes off the caffeine-laden outer layers.

Have you ever tried Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules?

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