Inducing Hip Joint Pain

The hip bone, also known as the coxal bone, is an irregularly shaped bone which serves as the weight-bearing center of our body. We are able to bend at the hips and perform other activities concerning the hip thanks to this bone. The acetabulofemoral joint, a ball and socket synovial joint made of the femur’s head and the acetabulum, allows us to do these activities. The acetabulofemoral joint is made of the acetabulum, a hollow-shaped part of the pelvic bone which looks and serves as the socket of the joint, and the round-shaped head of the femur serves as the ball. The hip joint helps keep our body’s composure while allowing us to do activities ranging from the mundane ones such as walking and sitting, to extreme ones such as acrobatics and yoga. Nonetheless, constant activities and extreme stress to the hip joint could result which could ultimately lead to hip trauma and hip joint pain, and possibly a hip replacement operation may be needed. In fact, just recently, researchers discovered another genetic link to osteoarthritis. How will the connection between one’s genes and osteoarthritis affect one’s hip replacement?

Our body mechanics centers on the ability of the hip bone to keep the balance of our body stable. Through time, we are not as strong, as fast and as agile as we used to in the younger days and our hip bones are also affected by this. Degenerating disorders of the bone such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosisand traumatic arthritis makes the hip bone weak and easily injured especially in aging individuals. Other bone disorders which could put the hip joint at risk for injuries are inflammation of the trochanter’s bursa (Trochanteric bursatis), iliotibial band tendonitis(inflammation of the IT band tendon), osteonecrosis (or bone death), hip fracture due to osteoporosis’s tendency to cause porous and brittle bones in aging individuals, and stress fracture. As expected, trauma leads to pain and needed pain managements must be implemented to alleviate the pain.

There are various treatments used to treat hip pain. Traditional interventions for hip pain are effective for minor cases of hip bone and/joint injury. If the injury worsens, though, alternative hip pain treatments are available to treat serious conditions. If the discomforts you had due to a hip injury has worsened such as obvious deformity around the hip joint due to trauma, pain which occurs at night, prolonged pain of the hips not alleviated by traditional treatments, inability to bend the hips, serious infection of the affected part which includes swelling, redness, warmth and fever, and other atypical symptoms, the hip injury may have progressed undesirably, consulting a doctor may be the next best step. To repair the serious damage to the hip joints, an invasive surgical procedure such as a hip replacement surgery may be the next appropriate step. On the other hand, a DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement lawsuit has been filed by some people for some faulty hip prostheses which allegedly caused them complications after going through a total hip arthroplasty.

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