Rheumatic Heart Diseases

What is rheumatic heart disease? Rheumatic heart disease could be a condition in which permanent harm to heart valves is caused by rheumatic fever. The heart valve is damaged by a disease method that generally begins with a strep throat caused by streptococcus kind A bacteria. The results of rheumatic fever: o Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease process, be capable of affect a lot of connective tissues, particularly in the heart, joints, skin, and brain. o It can occur at any age, but sometimes occurs in youngsters five to fifteen years old. o It causes heart damage – mainly scarring in the heart valves and forcing the center to figure overload to force blood and would possibly finally result to congestive heart failure. What are the symptoms of rheumatic fever? The subsequent are the mainly normal symptoms for initial rheumatic fever; though, every person may experience symptoms in a different way. Symptoms, that differ considerably, characteristically start one up to 6 weeks following short period medications of strep throat, although, in some cases, the infection might are too delicate to own been recognized. Symptoms could embrace: o fever o swollen, tender, red and extremely excruciating pain in joints mainly the knee, ankle, elbow, and wrists o nodules over swollen joints o uncontrolled movements of arms, legs, or facial muscles o weakness and shortness of breath The sign and symptoms of rheumatic fever could be kind of like alternative bone disorders and medical problems. Treatment for rheumatic heart disease: Specific treatment for rheumatic heart disease can be determined by your physician based on: o your overall health and medical history o degree of the disease o your acceptance for particular medications, procedures se up, and many therapies o outlook for the course of the disease o your view and preference Since rheumatic fever is the cause of rheumatic heart disease, the simplest treatment is to forestall rheumatic fever from occurring. Penicillin and extra antibiotics will sometimes care for a streptococcus classified as sort A bacterial infection and discontinue acute fever from mounting. Within the past, individuals who got rheumatic fever were frequently given nonstop each day and every month antibiotic medications, most likely for all times, to prevent future attacks and lower the chance of heart damage. Antibiotic therapy has sharply reduced the incidence and mortality rate. To decrease inflammation, aspirin, steroids, and non-steroidal drugs might be given. Surgery could be essential to repair and replace the broken valve. Complications Rheumatic heart disease: The list of complications that have been mentioned in various sources for Rheumatic heart disease includes: o Endocarditic is inflammation of the inner lining of the heart. o Bacterial endocarditic is the infection and inflammation of the inner layers of the heart, most ordinarily the valves cause by bacteria. o Heart failure a syndrome classified by myocardial malfunction, heart failure will lead to deficient pump performance reduced cardiac output and to frank heart failure and abnormal circulatory congestion. Congestion of systemic venous flow might end up in tangential edema and hepatomegaly; congestion of pulmonary circulation may cause pulmonary edema, an acute, life-threatening emergency.

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