Can Vitamin C Really Help You Fight a Cold?

Can Vitamin C Really Help You Fight a Cold?
According to the NIH, “Overall, the evidence to date suggests that regular intakes of vitamin C at doses of at least 200 mg per day do not reduce the incidence of the common cold in the general population.” Taking vitamin C regularly also doesn't …
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Weekly Reading: Vicodin Scripts Down, Drug Shortages Rise, Geriatricians Wanted
It's also believed most flu strains circulating are the same as last year's, meaning those infected likely still have some immunity. This year's flu shots also … So it may be better to get your Twitter fix in large doses rather than bite-sized …
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Female Athletes Dope, Too
Because women have lower baseline levels, they often benefit more from small doses of steroids, which gives them a greater boost in performance. “For females, the effects of anabolic steroids are greater, and the old … Under this formula, female …
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