Intriguing Facts About The Human Brain

The human brain is one of the complicated organs in the human system, understanding how the brain works is a whole subject by itself. In fact research has never had a conclusive report of the functions of the brain. However, the available facts about the human brain can help anyone understand bits about the power of the brain. The brain has several organs charged with different functions; each organ functions determine how well activities are carried around the brain. For instance the frontal lobe has some organs which are charged to perform acts of feelings, memory etc.

So how does it work? Well, take for instance, an individual finds themselves inclined to sleep should lights go off when they are in a room, what happens in this scenario is that the brain produces some chemicals known as serotonin and dopamine to affect this effect. One should understand that this happens automatically. The brain controls an individual behaviors drive to achieve success and so on.

The brain is the controlling head of nervous system. A human brain is protected by thick bones of skull and weighs about 1.5 kg. Human brain is much larger than other mammals and its Cerebral Cortex (located in forebrain) is mainly responsible for most of the expansion. Forebrain’s frontal lobes control the executive functions of human beings such as planning, controlling motivating and abstract thinking.

The Central purpose of the brain is to control the body’s actions and reactions in response to other actions. It receives all the sensory information from the body and rapidly analyses it and then sends messages to the body organs as it is explained in the following lines: (1) Our body’s balance, posture and movements are controlled by Cerebellum (2) The Brainstem controls our heart beat breathe and conscious related brain functions. (3) Our special thinking and learning of routine life is controlled by neocortex.

Many scientists believe that the area located in the forehead of the brain (prefrontal cortex) has the key role in forming short-term memory. The evidence of this fact is that many types of scans like MRI and PET have shown that prefrontal cortex always appeared busy at the time of casualty. Prefrontao cortex holds a flexible storage of information that always has a relevance to the current in-hand task.

The most appealing thing is the connection between consciousness and the memory. A recollected observation is just real like a current memory experience. Anyway, discoveries and fact revealing about memory and the brain are still in progress and much more is expected to come to know about brain mysteries in the future. As mentioned earlier, people can manipulate their brains to achieve desired success, it is very important for an individual to know how to take advantage of laws of attraction when it comes to personal development acts. Self help practices such as self affirmation acts play a great role when it comes to affecting lifestyle change, one should always think positive so as to achieve what they desire in life.

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