Pros and Cons of Using Penis Enlargement Capsules

When talking about penile enhancement pills it is important to take into account the difference between pills with pharmaceutical ingredients, and those with natural ones. It’s not that one is better that the other – it’s just that they each can cause different complications and it’s good to be acquainted with them before you decide to buy. Penis enlargement capsules are not only used for enlargement there is a wide range of uses for them and an even wider range of products available. But it’s important to know that many of these pills whether pharmaceutical or natural are not properly tested or FDA approved. Their promoters would like for you to believe they are perfectly safe and will produce incredible results but the truth is a lot less glamorous. Here is a quick overview of the pros and cons penile enhancement capsules.

Pharmaceutical: With a wide range of uses from enlargement to an increase in stamina  these pills usually do what they claim (with the exception of permanent results) they have been known to cause so many complications that it is a surprise that people still use them. Even though the different ingredients work separately to stimulate blood flow to the penis, their effects when mixed in a pill have not been properly tested and can and can cause spontaneous negative reactions. If you are taking any other medicine or have a preexisting medical condition then you should definitely ask your doctor before you take anything. Enhancement pills are designed to increase blood flow and as such cause an increase in heart rate that can be detrimental to some one with heart problems.

Natural: Natural pills have an equally wide spectrum of brands and uses as pharmaceutical pills. However just because they are natural does not mean that they are good for you. A lot of manufacturers hide behind the common misconception that all that is natural is good for you and they hope that we overlook the poor quality of their product. Certain studies have found natural enhancement pills to contain excessive amounts of contaminants such as: mold, yeast, E coli, lead and pesticides. Because E coli is a bacteria that is found in excrement it can be concluded that the pills contained high levels of fecal matter (probably from animals grazing near the plants that were harvested). Also because they are not FDA regulated it was found that many pills did not even contain the ingredients that were advertised.

As you can see there is a lot of damning evidence in the case of penis enlargement capsules. So why are there so many people claiming results? The answer is simple. With every pill comes a training routine that if adhered to will overtime cause your penis to grow. The pills are a complete hoax. So before you go buy a product that is not regulated, approved or doctor recommended you might want to look into some of the great exercise  programs that are being developed.


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