Meaning of Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are programs wherein a rookie or an experienced employee is trained to meet the requirements of the employer in the position he has been appointed for.  Apprenticeship can be done within an organization or be outsourced to trusted and reliable agencies who will also help you with the recruitment process.  Most of the apprenticeship training is done on the job, so that at the end of the training session, the employer has a really productive employee delivering the goods.  Apprenticeship is needed in every sphere of employment and can be basic, intermediate, or advanced.  It leads to improved knowledge of the work process, more information, and if attached to universities can result in university degrees.

Importance of Apprenticeship

Learning is an ongoing process; however, theoretical knowledge will not help a person to perform his job duties.  He needs hands-on training with experts who could guide them in the actual work process.  Apprenticeship fills up the gaps, gives you tips, and helps in the creation of an excellent you.  An apprentice is paid while working and gaining experience and is one of the best methods of obtaining expertise in a technical field.  Apprenticeship is for people who want to excel in their chosen field.

Pearson Provides Hands-On Knowledge

Pearson as an educational service provider is associated with the Qualifications and Credit Framework and works with companies providing training and skills.  Since the nitty gritty of running the organization is taken care of by Pearson, the center is able to concentrate on the work that they are really set up to do, ie., training in excellence.  Edexcel online is a software provided by Pearson, which automates the admission process, getting claim certificates, ordering publications, or updating records.  Pearson also helps with assessment of students by providing multiple choice test sheets.  However if the training institute prefers to have their own method of assessment, they are free to do so.  Getting certificates at the end of the successful completion of the course is smooth and hassle free.

Excellence with Work Based Learning

In Pearson work based learning, NVQs or National Vocational Qualifications can be obtained by anybody who has access to a work environment irrespective of whether he is still studying or not.  Work based learning helps the youth to make correct career decisions and select courses of study which will lead to both personal development and professional advancement.  Work based learning is especially useful for people with disability.  Pearson work based learning has provided success stories for learning centers all over the UK.

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