Heart disease ranks as No. 1 threat to women

Heart disease ranks as No. 1 threat to women
Some women confuse symptoms of a heart attack with either the flu, aging, acid reflux disease, or even “just not feeling right.” While some women have no symptoms of a heart attack, others may experience heavy sharp chest pain or discomfort and pain in …
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When it comes to preventing heart disease, small steps can save lives
Heart disease causes about one in four deaths in the U.S., and among indigenous Americans, including Alaska Natives, it's second only to cancer as a leading cause of death. But the term “heart disease” is broad, according to Kelly St. John, an advanced …
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Heart attack: What are the signs and symptoms to be aware of for men and women?
The classic sign of a heart attack is a man or woman clutching their chest before collapsing. But while chest pain is indeed one of the usual signs of heart attack, not having it doesn't necessarily mean you're not experiencing one – particularly if …
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