Mbt To The Supplementary Medical

All you know, MBT shoes are more and more popular, now more and more people admit it in the value of health. It really can improve ours health problem. As the sole MBT unique structure, the wearer can in a natural state of instability, but through balance movement, to eliminate.

Foot problems. At present, most foot problems because neuromuscular stability and motion control, traditional shoe kind can rise to support and protection, but also makes muscle system can stimulate and loss by certain functions, a part of the loss of muscle function will lead to the flatfoot or without its trials. Wrong wearing shoes (such as high-heeled shoes) will also cause evaginate foot and ankle bone spurs.

Knee problems. The knee is the joints of the most complex body, torn ligaments or pain, leading to instability and knee pain points, the human body will through some auxiliary motion and posture, reduce pressure of damaged tissue. As time passes, will damage the ability to walk, serious influence of life quality, wear MBT sports shoes, each step by step, heel contacts the ground when pressure decreases, knee suffered so wallop. Research, walking in the knee MBT will reduce the pressure 19%, when walking, ideally, when his legs under a big pressure, human body should be perpendicular to the upper leg, through stimulating muscles and joints of the surrounding the correct gait, can be effectively treated MBT knee problems.

Hip problem. Most hip problem is due to the hips near the imbalance of muscle, maintain the same position for a long time, joint internal pressure, cartilage degeneration and cause pain, as time passes, joint function will be compromised. When wear MBT casual shoes walking, scrolling action steps to pull out one body back in the distance, make hip flexor appreciably extend, exercise muscles and joints stretching effectively improve the stability, to relieve joints pressure, and relieve pain.Arthritis. Arthritis may due to traumatic, lack of movement or stress and strain caused by unilateral, pain, swell, and muscle tension. Wear MBT shoes can help exercise feet joint, knee joint, hip joint and the muscles around the spine.



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