Biology Academic Paper

For the students in the field of biology, then biology papers are an academic requirement for their course completion. Biology being a wide field and with strict deadlines for students to meet, the writing of biology papers is mostly an up-hill task. It is therefore a recommendation that a student in the biology field process’s different biology paper writing skills and excellent research and documentation as well as presentation skills or buy biology papers from online essay writing companies which has experts. This will ensure that the student not only acquires high academic grades but also produces biology papers which are of the right academic standards. The biology papers could be biology essays, biology thesis, biology term papers, biology research papers and biology dissertations. Since biology papers fall in the science field, it is necessary that the students possess scientific research paper writing skills. To begin with, the correct format for writing these papers is important.

A writing font of size 11 should be maintained coupled with a spacing of 1.5. Furthermore, there are several sections that must be included in any biologic paper. These sections include the abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussions as well as literature cited section. A point of great importance is the ability of the student to distinguish very clearly between the various sections in order to ensure that each piece of information falls in the right place. As a result the paper will explain the scientist’s motivation, design and execution as well as the meaning of results in a well organized, clear and concise manner. The abstract must contain information that will enable the reader understand the objectives of the study, how the study was done, what results were obtained and how important the results were. The abstract in biology papers must be short since, in most cases, readers only read the abstract to enable them choose which ones interest them most. The introduction must clearly discuss the results and conclusions of previous similar studies which translate to the interest in the current study. The statement of objectives and hypothesis must be the last statements in the introduction.

To provide evidence in the introduction section, several sources can be cited for various statements in order to give validity. Under the literature cited section, the complete reference must therefore be provided for all cited sources. In the methods section, all methodological details must be provided to avoid duplication by other scientists. It should never be a list of instructions but instead it should be a narrative of all the steps the scientist took in their study. No laboratory manual quotations. In addition, the last paragraph is a brief description of the statistical tests used. For each study done, the results must be provided in the results section of the biology paper. These results section should not provide interpretations for the results’ meanings or present raw data. Instead, explain the meaning and the difference in results from previous, in the discussion section of a biology paper or use tables, text and/or figures to summarize the data in the results section. The discussion must relate to the objectives. Lastly, the literature cited section of a biology paper, is an alphabetical listing of publications cited within the paper’s text. Avoid plagiarism by citing sources of information.

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