Seven Facts About Eyes

“The window of our soul” is a common saying people mention to honor the importance and functions of eyes in our life but we often miss some necessary information about them. Therefore, this article will provide seven facts that help you enlarge knowledge and know how to take care of your eyes.


Your eyes’ function is to collect all required information about the object you are looking at and then the information is sent to the brain from your eyes through the optic nerve. It is the brain that analyzes the information to help you see the object in its finished form.


You see with your brain and not your eyes


Whenever you see your eyes water, remember that they are dry. Our tears are made up of three different components namely water, mucus and fat. If these components aren’t in the right quantities, our eyes may become dry.


Your eyes water when they are dry


Blinking is an important function of your eyes because it helps remove any debris on the eyes’ surface by spreading fresh tears over them, which nourish your eyes with oxygen and consists of important anti bacterial properties.


You blink approximately 15,000 times each day


People often think that 20:20 vision is the best but it is not true because 20:20 vision actually only refers to what the average adult should be able to see.


20:20 vision is not the best vision you can have


Your eyes are fully developed and are physiologically the same as adult’s eyes by the age of 7 years old. Therefore, remember that the earlier a lazy eye is diagnosed, the greater the chance it will respond to treatment.


Your eyes are fully developed by the age of 7


The fact is that cataracts are just a normal and natural consequence of getting older and everyone gets them at some points in their life. The average age people first get cataracts is about 70 years old.


Everyone gets cataracts when they get older


People, who suffer from type 2 diabetes, often don’t know that they get this disease but it is can commonly be seen as tiny haemorrhages from leaking blood vessels at the back of your eye. That’s why we should have regular eyes tests.


Diabetes is often first detected during an eye test




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