A 16′ TRAMPOLINE will get your children to exercise…and to love it!

A 16′ TRAMPOLINE will get your children to exercise…and to love it!

Do your kids spend too much time with their faces buried in something electronic? A Nintendo DS, an iPod, or a DVD player, perhaps? Well, yank it away and rip out the batteries. I’ve got a way for you to kick ’em outside that they’ll actually like!
Kids need physical activity. Lots of it. And all the gizmos and gadgets they have today keep them from getting it. Not like when YOU were a kid. Outside was where you WANTED to be. Crawling around in hay bails, playing tag or hide and seek, kicking the can, riding your bike to your best friend’s house a few blocks away. . .
But today, it’s digital pets, MP3’s, and Webkinz for the younger kids, and Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for the older ones. 16-year-olds are increasingly putting off getting a driver’s license because they have a smartphone. A PHONE!!!
Enough is enough. Do something truly good for your children and buy my trampoline. They won’t quite give up their gadgets, but it’ll be a whoooooole lot easier to pry the kids away from them.

Price: $ 200


53073 Plymouth, USA

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